Northerners unite to promote values

A new society has been formed by a group of northerners to promote 'northern values'.

The face of The North of England Society is to be Neville Chamberlain CBE, the former chief executive officer of British Nuclear Fuel who once worked at Springfield’s near Preston.

NES will be non-party political and is not a separatist organisation, he said. “The North of England Society will exist only to promote the character and well-being of those who would declare themselves ‘Northerners’, and enhance the major contribution made by the North of England to the success and well-being of the UK.”

He added: “With the Northern Powerhouse, devolution, Brexit and rail investment issues very much in the spotlight, I believe it’s high time to launch something that will give the glorious north a stronger presence on the UK stage and greater influence in national debates and decision-making.”

The NES manifesto involves informing members about Northern activities, achievements and opportunities, and promoting the region’s image and interests.

It also seeks to promote excellence and achievement by Northerners in various economic, professional and cultural fields by forming a sister organisation - The North of England Institute - which will, in turn, establish specialist Northern Institutes in specific fields. Membership is now open to all northerners - by birth, adoption or self-association - in return for 'modest membership subscriptions'.