New warehousing and distribution depot in Blackburn for Fagan & Whalley

Following a period of expansion, we’re excited to announce that, just three years after the opening of our dedicated warehousing facility at Burnley Bridge, plans have recently been set into motion to expand our operation into additional warehousing and distribution space this spring. 

Set within the new development at Frontier Park in Blackburn, the new depot comprises over 200,000 sq. ft of warehousing and distribution capacity and has been acquired as part of our wider business plan to expand the services we offer, enabling us to reach out to and welcome on board new clients. 

“When reviewing our performance for the past 12 months, it soon came to light that both our warehousing and cross-dock operations have been operating at capacity for some time,” explains F&W business strategy director, Sam Fagan. “Following our recent company restructure, which has been put into place in order to facilitate further growth, it was decided that additional space would need to be integrated into our existing infrastructure in order to achieve our plans for future expansion.”

With new and existing clients scheduled to move stock into the site from April, plans are already underway to install VNA and wide aisle pallet racking, ensuring the depot remains as flexible as possible for changing customer requirements.

“Our Burnley Bridge warehouse was built specifically to our own specifications and brought into the operation back in September 2017. It’s a point of pride for us to be able to look back over the last three years and see how much the warehousing side of the business has grown. We’re excited to be able to welcome on board new clients and watch our warehousing and distribution services continue to grow over the next few years.”

Looking for storage space? For more information about our warehousing, transport or distribution services, please contact the team at Fagan & Whalley on 01282 771983.