New Features Added to Leading Automation Online Store

After launching their new website in June this year, Northern Industrial has integrated some useful new features to make it easier for users to replace an obsolete variable speed drive.

So far, more than 4,000 inverters from a wide range of manufacturers have been matched with recommended replacements.

Northern Industrial, which supplies a huge range of automation parts and repairs, is a specialist in supporting users of end-of-life equipment that is no longer supported by the manufacturer. They hope the new feature will give customers the information they need about replacing obsolete AC inverter drives which can be much more cost-efficient than buying a rare, end-of-life part.

The compare feature also lets users see how two drives stack up against one another, to make sure the recommended replacement has all the features they are looking for.

“We have matched the drives on important characteristics such as kW rating, Amp rating and supply voltage, as well as phase and whether the inverter uses positive or negative logic,” said David Lenehan, director of business development at Northern Industrial.

“Users can also compare a range of other features including communication networks, the physical dimensions of the inverter drive and the I/O capabilities.” Northern Industrial continues to offer free pre and post sales support where customers can receive impartial advice before committing to a replacement.