New e-book sells Blackpool and its outdoor promenade attractions

A Blackpool luxury self-accommodation provider has taken an innovative lead in resort promotion, despite discovering much of Blackpool’s self-catering accommodation cannot open until May 17. 

The Berkeley Apartments – 4-star apartments with an Art Deco heritage, based on Queen’s Promenade, North Shore – has produced the first of a series of e-books, which prospective visitors can download and use, as they anticipate their Blackpool break of the future. 

The accommodation provider is seeking to shift perceptions of the resort through its ‘Sculptural Serenity: An Open-air Extravaganza on Blackpool’s Promenade’ e-book.  This highlights the many artistic sculptures along the promenade, from close to The Metropole  at North Pier to Starr Gate, even though many can no longer project their original full glory. 

The e-book highlights how despite lighting no longer operating in some of these features, they are still interesting for those wishing to stay Covid-19 compliant in the great outdoors.  It shows how those with an interest in photography or selfies, can still find them appealing and how these pieces give a walk a real purpose, in the form of  ‘discovery’.  They can help recreate the art of ‘promenading’, in the sense of taking in sea air and views.

The e-book highlights various memorials, the Cenotaph and War Memorial, the Comedy Carpet and nearby installations and what was originally known as The Great Promenade Show – now 8 sculptures on the southern promenade.  Together, all comprise an outdoor extravaganza for visitors to enjoy.  

Manager at The Berkeley Apartments, Maggie D’Araujo says, “We believe our e-book will help attract visitors to Blackpool who just want to enjoy the great outdoors, in total Covid-19 compliance.  We also feel it will help shift perceptions of Blackpool and reposition the resort as a holiday location for all, surprising many, when they learn of the artistic installations we have on our promenade. 

“Although it is hugely disappointing that virtually no self-catering accommodation in Blackpool is able to open until mid-May, we hope our e-book will build anticipation for future visits.”

Some of the designers of the art installations of Blackpool’s Great Promenade Show, on South Promenade, have been hugely supportive of The Berkeley Apartments’ e-book, sending photography for inclusion and expressing an interest in visiting their installations once again, during 2021, when some celebrate their 20th anniversary. 

Maggie says: “Our e-book sells the story of these pieces, as architecturally interesting things to discover on a walk or when outdoors with the camera.  We now hope some reinvestment in them can take place, to the whole resort’s benefit.” 

More information about The Berkeley Apartments can be found at   from where its new e-book can also be downloaded.