New challenge for Neale Rogers at Preston Audi

We are delighted to say that Neale Rogers has joined our Preston Audi centre as a parts adviser.

Neale has an impressive 35+ years in the motor industry and his wide-ranging experience includes iconic brands such as Land Rover and Harley Davidson. Now he has joined us at our prestigious Audi centre in Preston, and we asked him how he was finding his first few days.

Here’s what he said: “I really think Audi has a great range, with something for everyone. And all of them are really impressive, from the smaller models to those that that suit people with sportier preferences. Over my career I have come to recognise that I really do enjoy being around the premium products – it’s just more exciting, and definitely holds my interest. That is especially obvious with Audi, as there are always so many interesting developments on the horizon.

"I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Preston Audi so far. Everyone is really friendly, whilst also still getting on with all we have to achieve. I have noticed as well that the management here really seems to care about the team, and that is really nice too.”

Great to hear Neale! Welcome aboard!