New advances in aftersales financing

We’d like to tell you about an Aftersales financing process that is being championed at our Blackburn Audi centre by Beth Singleton, one of our Service Advisers. This process allows every Blackburn Audi Aftersales customer to split the cost of any repairs undertaken in our workshop over 3, 6 or 9 months. The offer comes with 0% APR and the option to pay nothing for the first 40 days.

Beth makes sure that she speaks to every customer about any advice for repairs from the workshop, and then explains the benefits of the scheme upfront, giving everyone the opportunity to participate. She has found that the customers are very receptive, and really appreciate the chance to effectively manage their finances – especially under the current economic circumstances.

As so many of us are relying on our cars as our main mode of transportation at the moment, it is ever more important that we can all afford to travel safely. Contact Blackburn Audi to see how Beth will be doing her utmost to ensure this is the case for all our customers.