Navigate the nonsense: How to pinpoint the truth

Over the last few months Accrington-based Anthem Engagement have produced and processed multiple surveys for clients and received data from more than 8,000 employees which has provided some fascinating insights into how people feel, what they think and what they’ve been doing (whether on furlough, working from home or working as normal from site/office)..They have also listened to over 100 HR/People Services Teams and business leaders about their challenges, concerns and opportunities.

As HR professionals grapple with the many health, safety and legal considerations that return to work plans involve, we cannot ignore the employee experience and how the pandemic affects people on a human-level.

Clearly, most organisations so far have told them that they will need some form of :

  • Restructure/re-organisation. We need to steer this restart with care.
  • Organisational development. We need to understand our culture now more than ever.
  • Transformational change. We need engaged people ‘on-board’ moving forward so we need to measure and monitor where our people are on the journey with.

So Anthem developed NAVIGATE THE NONSENSE; an employee survey designed to cut through the ‘blah’ and uncover exactly how our people are and whether they are ready, able and willing to return to work and help secure our business’ future. The survey asks deep questions focused on:

  • The Organisation (how do your people perceive the organisation)
  • Leadership (have leaders been visible and have they communicated well enough throughout this period of uncertainty)
  • Management (have managers supported their teams well enough, were they micro-managed)
  • My Wellbeing (how do people feel cared for and looked after)
  • My Mental Health (how are people feeling mentally, are they stressed/anxious/depressed)
  • Returning To Work Safely (what do people want at work to make them feel safe)
  • Diversity & Inclusion (do we have a good balance of diversity and do certain groups of employees feel isolated)
  • Organisational Culture (what’s the DNA of the business; do we live and breathe what we say we should do – the say-do gap)
  • Pay & Benefits (how people feel about pay & benefits and how do their pay scales and entitlements compare to other North West organisations)

This survey is now translated into 12 languages including Polish, French, German and Chinese so we can reach people all across the world.

How would your organisation compare? Can you pinpoint the truth?