MP joins manufacturing revival organisation

Katherine Fletcher, MP for South Ribble, has been appointed to the advisory board of the Institute for Prosperity.

The research organisation, formed last year, aims to drive a manufacturing-led economic revival to support 'left behind' regions in the UK.

It is a cross-party group with nine appointments to date including former Liberal Democrats leader Sir Vince Cable, former Labour minister Rt Hon Caroline Flint and Conservative MP John Penrose.

Before becoming an MP, Katherine ran her own small manufacturing business which exported globally. She has been a long-time supporter of entrepreneurship in her constituency and is also a supporter of a ‘green’ manufacturing revival, achieved by increasing industrial activity in the North and transitioning to clean, renewable sources of energy, as well as creating jobs in green industries.

One of her key focuses within the Institute is to build links with the SME manufacturing community and ensure all policy proposals are grounded with practical and deliverable solutions for manufacturers of all sizes.

Katherine said: "I’m pleased to be joining the Institute’s Advisory Board at a crucial time for Britain. The moves we make now will have very real effects on generations to come, and it’s in everyone’s best interests to kickstart manufacturing again in the UK.

"I have seen first-hand the effect that jobs in industry have, both in my family and among my constituents. There are areas that used to be full of manufacturing jobs that have sadly felt the negative effects of deindustrialisation. The good news is that the country is full of untapped potential, and if we were to harness it properly, we could bring prosperity to every corner of Britain."

John Mills, founder of the Institute, said: "Katherine’s experience in business, manufacturing and politics makes her uniquely well-positioned to help the Institute reach a broader consensus on the importance of manufacturing in the UK. This real-life experience will prove extremely valuable as we scale up our work."