Motionlab interactive release follow-up to popular darts app

The cross-platform app specialists at Preston’s Motionlab Interactive have released a sequel to their award-winning darts app Darts Match, available now for FREE on iOS and Android.

Darts Match 2 offers users an authentic swipe motion to aim and throw darts like the original game which attracted over 1.1 million downloads.

It contains a host of new features including real-time live play, in-game chat, 4 new playing environments and action replays via Darts Match TV.

Live play allows players to intuitively take turns against opponents from around the world in real-time and exchange banter on the online oche until the winning double has been hit, just like you would down your local pub.

Players can also now compete in 4 new venues when taking on human opponents and computer adversaries in games of 501, 301, Around The Clock and Cricket, earning coins and fans in victory.

The introduction of Darts Match TV, powered by Everyplay, enables users to replay and share footage of their big finishes via their social media accounts.

The Darts Match shop has also been significantly expanded to offer over 10 million different darts combinations following the addition of hundreds of new free and unlockable flights, shafts, barrels and points.

Built again using the Unity 3D engine, the app is endorsed by the world’s leading darts manufacturer Unicorn Darts who have granted use of their newly launched Eclipse HD2, the dartboard used in all major PDC Darts events.

The firm hope this enhanced version will eclipse the success of its predecessor which achieved a Top 10 placing in Microsoft’s Beautiful Game competition, attracted over 1.1 million downloads, and has seen 146,014,113 online darts thrown so far.

Motionlab Interactive’s Head of Apps, Alan I’Anson said: “The original Darts Match performed incredibly well in terms of downloads, also achieving a Top 10 placing in Microsoft’s Beautiful Game competition.

“But we felt we could develop an even more complete game of darts by retaining the most popular features from the previous app and complementing them with the exciting new features most requested by our extensive user base. With Darts Match 2 we have taken things to another level and managed to create the ultimate darts app for both the hardcore darts fan and casual darting enthusiast.”

Additional features will be integrated into the app over the coming months including tournament play and other fun play modes. iOS and Android users can download Darts Match 2 for FREE now from Apple’s App Store and Google Play or via