Motionlab creates global platform for Veganuary campaign

Motionlab Marketing, one of the North’s leading integrated agencies, has worked with Veganuary to create a digital platform to springboard the global campaign.

VeganuaryVeganuary is an international campaign that encourages non-vegans to pledge to adopt a vegan lifestyle for the month of January. Motionlab has created a new website which includes regional sites for the UK, US and Australia.

Since the site launched four weeks ago, nearly 3,000 people have pledged to take part in Veganuary - ten times as many as this point in last year’s campaign. The UK and US make up 66 per cent of all site visits, which has seen over 30,000 people visit to date.

Motionlab worked with Veganuary on its 2014 campaign which saw over 3,300 people take part in the month long awareness drive. The 2015 site includes a product directory, eating out guide, extensive information about animals, the environment and health, as well as a ‘Vegan People’ section profiling famous vegans (as well as regular people).

Dave Ellams, Motionlab creative director said: “We set out to create a virtual vegan world that was bright, accessible and engaging. We want to inspire a greater understanding of veganism. For example, instead of showing them images of green tea, vegetables and tofu, we created images with Peroni beer, Kettle Chips and Oreos.

“This is not to encourage a junk food diet for the month, but to show a wider audience that going vegan isn’t all about giving things up. You can still have treats and eat and drink familiar products. Veganuary is a positive movement, worldwide, and we’ve used a real mix of messages in the campaign.

“Eating great food, encouraging good health, opposing animal cruelty and helping the environment are all reasons to try vegan and we’ve created visuals that say just that. It’s been a real eye opener and is wonderful to work on.”

Veganuary co-founder, Matthew Glover added: “Motionlab has developed a sophisticated platform that is already helping us to communicate the Veganuary message to a worldwide audience. Over 40 per cent of the people that have taken the pledge so far have come from the US which reinforces Veganuary’s global reach. “We’re looking forward to working with Motionlab to add new languages and regions to the site as the Veganuary campaign evolves.”