MHA Moore and Smalley donates laptops to help people get online

Lancashire accountancy and business advisory firm MHA Moore and Smalley has made a donation of 30 laptops to people suffering hardship across Lancashire. 

The company will donate the devices through Blackburn-headquartered IT support and services firm Nybble, who will fully refurbish and distribute them to those suffering device poverty in the county. 

The two companies have partnered through their commitment to Lancashire Investors in Community, an initiative launched last year which is designed to make an impactful and sustainable difference to those most in need in the county.

Once refurbished the devices will then be donated through local institutions such as Rummage Rescuers, Secret Santa, Blackburn Youth Zone and Nightsafe.

Graham Gordon, managing partner, MHA Moore and Smalley, said: “MHA Moore and Smalley has always looked to give back to our communities. With people living an ever-increasing proportion of their lives online, device poverty is a growing issue and this has been highlighted over the past two years through lockdown.

“Whether through increased access to education, job opportunities or helping people to access better support online, we hope this donation can help improve the lives of people suffering hardship in Lancashire.”

In September last year, MHA Moore and Smalley became a founding member of Lancashire Investors in Community.

The company will work alongside organisations including Booths, United Utilities, Panaz and Harrison Drury to support the Community Foundation for Lancashire, an organisation which promotes charitable giving to support disadvantaged people in the county.

Nybble is also a founder member and has partnered with MHA Moore and Smalley through the initiative.

Ram Gupta, managing director, Nybble, said: “The pandemic highlighted the importance of access to digital and online systems. We are grateful to MHA Moore and Smalley for this donation, which will help children, elderly people and charities be better connected to the world.

“Through the combined effort of local businesses, we can significantly reduce device poverty in Lancashire and help those who are currently denied access to educational, financial and other opportunities which are only available online”.

“We remain committed to this cause”.