MEP calls on telecoms supplier for EU sound check

A North West MEP is calling on a Lancashire telecoms supplier to join him on a visit to Brussels to discuss business development opportunities and help cut through red tape.

During a visit to Blackburn based Abbey Telecom, MEP Sajjad Karim extended an invitation for the company to attend a series of meetings about the legislative burden on small businesses.

The growth of smartphone technology and global mobile development is having a positive impact on Abbey Telecom’s business.  From its headquarters on the Furthergate Industrial Estate, the firm boasts continual growth in its customer base and is thriving despite the recession.

It is currently tapping into new business opportunities in Europe which may expand its reach as far afield as Romania and Italy.

“Sajjad was aware of our interests in Europe and was determined to involve us and find out a little bit more about our business, our online presence and how EU and global markets affect us,” explained Abbey Telecom managing director Tony Raynor.

“We are very keen to get involved with his drive to address regulatory burdens.  We hope we’ll able to bring a bit of influence to bear and act as a mouthpiece for local businesses seeking to compete in international markets.”

The MEP added:  “This is a genuine example of how a local business is being affected by global industry changes and how technology continues to improve the way we can work. “As our meeting progressed, it became clear that the company could assist us with feedback on EU regulation.  We are looking at taking a group of companies over to Brussels to speak to policy makers and give them first hand experiences of SMEs facing legislative barriers.”