Meet the leaders

As Businesses in Lancashire look set to face some interesting and challenging times in 2011, there is a chance to attend the second in the series of “Meet the Leader” events in order to give people the opportunity to quiz Leader of the LCC, County Councillor Geoff Driver, Deputy Leader Albert Atkinson and newly appointed Chief Executive, Phil Halsall.

All will be on hand to answer some of your pressing questions on what is being done to tackle the economic issues that affect all of us who live, work, and do business in Lancashire.

It’s also your chance to express your views, raise concerns or ask questions on what else you think needs to be done to improve the economic fortunes of the County.

The County Council has announced it is facing the prospect of shaving £180million from its budget which will have a significant impact on the types of services that the business community has come to expect.

As a business ratepayer in Lancashire you are entitled to have a say in how your money is spent and what needs to be done to improve the county as a business location. We’re going to give you that opportunity.

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