Mcllroy scores a birdie with mediation

An accredited mediator at Forbes Solicitors is advising businesses to consider mediation as a means to avoiding lengthy and costly court battles following a case involving leading golfer Rory McIlroy.

McIlroy was facing eight weeks in a Dublin court in a dispute with his former management company, but a long and expensive court battle was averted by reaching a settlement agreement at the last minute.

The hearing involved McIlroy claiming that his management company’s fees were excessive and they were counterclaiming for unpaid fees. It was reported that previous attempts at mediation had failed, but the parties had kept the dialogue open, and finally a breakthrough was reached. Robin Stephens, an accredited mediator at Forbes, said: “This case shows the power of mediation to help settle disputes which would have otherwise resulted in a lengthy and costly court battle, something which no business wants to face. In this particular case mediation allowed Mcllroy to focus on what he does best.”