Making best use of office space

Making the best use of space has always been a challenge for business. Less space means lower rents and now, thanks to new technologies and ways of working, it needn’t mean reduced efficiencies or cramped environments.

Since the arrival of smaller computers and hard drives, flat screen monitors, laptops and tablets, the need for large corner desks and masses of workspace has diminished.

Monitor arms and under-desk CPU holders have also helped to cut down on the need for oversized desks and incorporating storage with the desktops means you can cut down on floor space clutter and wasted costs.

Additionally, many companies are switching to straight-bench desking, which share central leg positions. Because more people can share the space, it’s ideal for call centres or for staff training.

Hot-desking is also becoming more prevalent with multiple workers able to share a single workstation during different time periods. There is a privacy compromise, but for many firms this is outweighed by the cost savings associated with space savings.

Storage too is getting smarter. A storage wall can house a wide range of internal fittings bespoke to customer requirements – and with a range of finishing options they can look fantastic.

In short, if your office is creaking under the weight of near-redundant giant desks, it’s probably time to review your use of space.
We work smarter and smaller with each passing year – your office environment can reflect that. And we can help.

Bev Mercer
Bevlan Office Interiors