Magma Digital MD named "Perfect Boss" by Carling

Jeremy Coates, managing director of Magma Digital Ltd, has been awarded the accolade of “Perfect Boss” by Carling.

The British lager brand have been visiting offices up and down the country searching for the “Perfect Boss” and delivering samples of their new cider product offering.

Winners of the accolade were in line to receive a 3D TV or a small beer fridge for their workplace. Jeremy happily agreed and was signed up to be in the running.

The condition for entry to the competition required bosses to permit their staff to leave early for the England World Cup game against Costa Rica.

As luck would have it, Jeremy was awarded the tag of “Perfect Boss” by Carling and Magma Digital have now received a new 47 inch 3D TV for their office. The television will now be utilised in the office meeting room to enhance the presentation experience the company can offer clients. Jeremy said “I am delighted to have won this fantastic piece of kit for the office and am grateful to Carling for running the promotion. The office was buzzing when Carling came to visit and the prize will help us improve our visualisation work with clients.”