Love to Brand Ltd supports the first ever Promotional Products Week 2013.

Love to Brand Ltd, based in Clitheroe is supporting the inaugural Promotional Products Week, which is taking place from the 16th to 20th September 2013.

The national campaign created by the British Promotional Merchandise Association (bpma) is designed to raise the profile of the promotional merchandise market among end-users and show its power and effectiveness, demonstrating why it should be used as part of an integral marketing campaign.

Promotional products are a vital part of the marketing mix and are around us daily; everything from branded pens, mugs, calendars, USBs and sticky notes to confectionery, clothing, keyrings, sports bottles, stress products and much, much more.

Such products are used in a variety of ways including at seminars and conferences, as exhibition stand giveaways, as Christmas gifts, rewards and to support charity fundraising, giving constant brand exposure on a modest marketing budget.

Recent research has shown that 94 per cent of us remember the advertiser who gave us a promotional item or the product advertised after we have had it for six months and nearly two-fifths (39 per cent) of us are more likely to use a business that has given us a promotional product when the need for the advertised product or service arises, rather than a similar business that has not given us anything.

At £765 million, sales of promotional products are worth more than the UK tea market (£647 million), the UK office and home furniture sales (£650 million) and the UK online dating industry (£700 million).

Love to Brand is one of over 600 bpma members who are taking part in the Week, which is supported by a high profile marketing, social media and PR campaign and also features the bpma Design Awards Competition. Danielle Robinson, company Director of Love to Brand said: “We are pleased to be lending our support to this initiative and know that it will do a great deal to raise the profile of promotional merchandise and show that it is much more than just a freebie. We’ll be showing our support by tweeting special offers and generally making a noise about this exciting week!”