Local solicitor dual qualifies as a financial adviser and joins Lancashire wealth firm

PH7 Wealth Management is delighted to announce a that Nick Cassidy, a partner consultant at PH7 since February 2020, has now moved to a full-time role within the PH7 Group.

Nick has been a qualified solicitor for over 15 years and is a former partner and director at local Lancashire firms. Nick dual qualified as an independent financial advisor in 2019 and has been performing both roles since joining PH7 in February 2020.

Paul Howarth, founder and director of The PH7 Group, said: "2020 is a year that no one will forget, I am sure. However, it has proved a bonus in that we have been able to strengthen the team. Initially Nick joined us and then Ben Leech from Farleys, who followed on a part time basis shortly afterwards. To have practicing solicitors want to be part of what we are doing at PH7 and bringing their experience and skill set, is a real compliment. Adding to the strong corporate family we already have; it can only benefit our clients. Nick came to us fully qualified and after a bedding in period, we are delighted to award him his Certified Person Status."

Nick said: "Once I discovered that PH7 had not only an established and respected wealth management arm, but a Wellbeing Centre and their mental health charity PH7 LIFE. I approached them. To be honest, it is one of the best decisions I have made.

"Crucially, Paul, the other financial advisors and the support team are knowledgeable, helpful and strive to provide an excellent service to their financial clients. That is, and of course has to be, at the heart of what they do. In addition to those strong foundations, the whole PH7 group, the wellbeing centre, and the mental health charity, has attracted successful genuine people from all different areas of business and walks of life.

"It has been heart-warming to watch so many volunteers raise funds and come together to support the mental health of people in Lancashire. Only last weekend two fund raisers walked Pendle Hill for 24 hours and raised over £6000. It is truly a very inspirational place to be working.

"I have been part of PH7 on a part time basis. I have now reduced my legal work to a limited number of cases and devoting more of my time to PH7, feels the right thing to do.”

In 2020 PH7 Wealth Management are believed to have become the first UK company to offer mental health support to all of their clients, as part of their financial packages. This meant that any client who took our advice surrounding insurance, pensions, or investments with us also gained a free private mental health care policy for themselves and their household. Health and Wealth go hand in hand. Each PH7 Wealth client is entitled to unlimited face to face counselling, emergency help lines and online tutorials to combat mental illness.

PH7 have a wide client base across the UK and already Nick has been helping a variety of our clients with their financial needs.

As Nick explained, “For example, over the last few months, I have attended on a mix of people from those with a pension simply wanting to understand it better, to professional athletes and high wealth individuals wanting to make a detailed long term retirement plan. As a team, we have worked with company directors in helping them make a retirement exit plan from their company, to advising solicitors, helping service their own clients. PH7 don’t have the typical client and the variety this provides has already been enjoyable.”

Working with both corporate and individual clients, PH7 offer independent financial advice on financial matters including retirement planning and investments. Recommending suitable financial products from the whole market.

If you would like to discuss your Wealth requirements with Nick, or any of the PH7 Team:

01282 479930 – Nick@ph7wm.co.ukInfo@ph7wm.co.ukwww.ph7wm.co.uk