Local food company rack up their lamb products

A Pendle farm joined the fair fight for British lamb this week, celebrating all that’s good about locally reared produce.

Roaming Roosters stood up alongside fellow farmers across the UK in a bid to spread the love for home-reared lamb and support crisis-hit farmers during British Lamb Week.

The company, which prides itself on strong working partnerships with local farmers, felt it was their duty to play their part in the campaign in order to help achieve better prices for farmers across the country.

“Lamb is a particularly sought after product in the farm shop, and we pride ourselves on providing quality, grass fed meat which is produced locally by Martin Lee just down the road in Sabden Fold,” said George Cropper, farm shop manager.

“Having reared my own pedigree Beltex sheep since 2007, I know the hard work and commitment that goes into producing good quality lamb products and this has to be reflected in the price of our meat.”

“Lamb prices have dipped recently, but here at Roaming Roosters, we’re dedicated to providing our hardworking farmers with the profits which they deserve and by cutting out the auction process we also ensure a fair price for our customers.”

To further highlight the campaign, Roaming Roosters will be promoting its lamb products all month, informing customers about the grass fed qualities of the meat on their plate and also the process which farmers follow to create sustainable food for consumers. Paul White, business development manager at the company, said: “British Lamb Week is a great way to recognise and celebrate lamb production in the UK, but it’s just as important to promote lamb all year round and to celebrate the farmers and butchers who bring it to our tables.”