Local business woman doubles her earnings with superfast broadband

Julie Wiggs is a virtual assistant, based at home in Oswaldtwistle. She provides a range of support services to small businesses such as PA, admin and office tasks plus bookkeeping, email and diary management, overseeing the running of work contracts and much more.

Her role is to assist with the day-to-day running of clients’ businesses, to allow the owners more time to concentrate on income generating work and growing the business.

When Julie started her business her big concern wasn’t anything to do with the faith she had in her own abilities – it was all about connectivity. How could she build business momentum, together with a great reputation when she had such an unstable and slow broadband connection (download speeds of between 0.5Mb/s to 2Mb/s)?

This conundrum truly tested the viability of her business plan. To succeed, it was vital that Julie had access to an excellent broadband service with constant online availability to access such things as clients’ emails, calendars and cloud based programs. Storage was also crucial.

Julie was delighted to learn that superfast broadband was available in her area. She signed up and now gets a download speed of 70Mb/s and 17Mb/s upload speeds - even in the garden.

Julie now has the capability to take on any work a client requires including sharing large files in the cloud and using cloud accounting software. She also watches YouTube tutorials and information videos relating to the business with no buffering or interruptions. In fact she’s become a dab-hand at videos - providing services such as video-editing for her clients. This wouldn’t have been possible with out superfast broadband.

Says Julie: "Without superfast broadband my business would probably have struggled to stay viable. At best, the services I’d have been able to offer clients would be limited. But now, I get everything done so quickly. My clients love the speed I work at and the range of services I can provide. I’ve never been so busy and I love it.”

Julie has been able to get the best from superfast broadband having participated on Superfast Lancashire’s free Business Support programme. “The Business Support programme was a real winner,” says Julie. “It has given me a much clearer view of how using the cloud and social media can assist not just my business, but my clients’ businesses too. I highly recommend the programme to Lancashire-based small and medium businesses.”