Let your business embrace technology

Steve AckersIn today’s do-more-with-less business world, IT solutions companies like Lanway are used to being asked to work harder and smarter to meet the demands of customers, shareholders and regulators.

But we are also increasingly being tasked with advising businesses on the development of an IT infrastructure that will add to the business performance, both now and as the business develops.

Few businesses can succeed unless they measure their success against objectives and performance.

Obviously, these have to be prioritised. But they also need to be supported by an effective information infrastructure.

Business management demands that financial reporting is accurate and secure, that assets are effectively managed, and that employees — the most valuable but the most expensive asset any organisation has — are enabled and productive.

Yet there is a constant struggle to free up time to think and work more strategically in the midst of the daily challenges and fire-fighting.

So yes, technology is an enabler for more effectively managing the business, but it cannot do so unless it is tied directly to business and governance objectives.

Farsighted businesses recognise that harnessing technology more effectively enables them to address many of the challenges they face everyday, such as improving commercial performance, increasing business up-time, raising output per employee, improving customer service and satisfaction, reducing business and security risks, cutting operational costs, complying with multiple regulations, and keeping staff happy and motivated.

What all this means for an IT solutions business like Lanway is that we need the confidence and commercial knowledge to help clients make key decisions on new technology.

We need to move from being a business enabler to a business contributor, and play a central role in the future of business strategy.

By aligning IT with business objectives, IT becomes a business contributor, in a sense, ensuring that the business meets its vision and goals.

Steve Ackers, Lanway.