Lessons from designing the new normal

I’m proud of our team who have just completed their first rebrand and website project done entirely in lockdown.

We knew we’d have to adapt the normal process and the learning has been fascinating.

One of our values is to share best-practice so here are the lessons we identified whilst delivering for this client:

  • Design workshops. Should be adapted for Zoom rather than use the normal agenda. It worked to mix online and offline exercises to avoid screen fatigue and allow time for research and reflection.
  • Project management. Is more important when working remotely. Milestones are best marked complete on a client Zoom call so everyone sees each phase close successfully.
  • Weekly Zoom. A meeting at the same time every week maintains pace and allows queries and ideas to accumulate for decisions all in one go, reducing emails back and forth in the week.
  • Faster delivery. Projects actually move faster than normal working. This rebrand and website build was completed inside six weeks which was a record for the Bespoke team for a project this size.

I noticed the project seemed to give everybody involved a real sense of purpose too, which was particularly important as we settled into working from our homes.

Since lockdown began we’ve made a point of listening and sharing as much as possible, including outside of our client-base.

We shared five key themes from over more than 100 conversations in a white paper called ‘Digital marketing through disruption’, which you can download for free here.

Stay safe and stay positive.