Latitude launches Longitude

Clitheroe-based marketing consultant Latitude has opened its sister company Longitude Gallery.

Longitude is an art gallery and exhibiting space making full use of Latitude's quirky office space.

Latitude and Longitude director Sarah Clemson said: "We have had this project in our business plan since we opened Latitude and we are really excited it has come to fruition.

"We purposefully found a gallery/office space to work out of in the beginning in order to showcase established artists, photographers and sculptors work, and sell it on behalf of the artist. We hope to change the exhibition program regularly, every two months.

"Our first exhibition, titled 'LAUNCH' features local established artists such as Michael Bentley, Clare Bigger and Victor Alan Herbert."

Longitude is based in Lee Carter House in Clitheroe not far from the castle and will be open to the public from Saturday 16th November 11am-4pm and after that every Wednesday through to Saturday 10am - 4pm. Viewing by appointment at other times. Longitude will also be available to rent as seminar and workshop space. Full details of the gallery can be found at or by calling 01200 538385.