Lancashire firms want old-school dress, whatever the weather

Lancashire is a county of dress-code traditionalists as far as summertime working is concerned, according to a poll by business advisory firm Moore and Smalley.

50 per cent of Lancashire companies that took part in the survey said they require their staff to turn up in formal business attire, regardless of the summer weather.

The online poll also revealed that one in three (33 per cent) businesses allow employees to remove ties and wear short-sleeved shirts in the summer.

But fewer than one in five (17 per cent) said they actively encouraged staff to wear summer clothing, such as shorts and sandals, in the summer months.

James Treadwell, partner at Moore and Smalley, believes the poll’s findings suggest old-school values remain deeply rooted in many of the county’s companies.

He said: “Lancashire’s business base is extremely diverse, so perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised by the divide over summertime dress codes represented in our survey.

“Traditional industries such as aerospace, manufacturing, engineering and professional and financial services may take a more conservative approach to dress codes, in line with what they believe their customers will expect.

“Other sectors, such as new media and creative design, may take a more relaxed stance on workplace attire – again reflecting the attitudes of the people they do business with.” He added: “Whether the recent hot weather will continue is another matter entirely – especially in Lancashire.”