Groundwork Pennine Lancashire leaves federation, joins Together Housing

Groundwork Pennine Lancashire has announced that it is to leave the Groundwork federation and join forces with Together Housing Group, one of the leading providers of social housing in the North of England.

GroundworkPLThe new partnership, which has been approved by the Charities Commission, extends the operating territory of the trust to mirror that of the Together Housing Group.

Groundwork executive director Peter Neill said: "By joining forces we are confident that we can significantly grow the capacity of our organisation with a partner that shares the same social values as ourselves."

Since 2006, the Groundwork's services have been delivered by its subsidiary, Newground Community Interest Company and this will continue in the Together Housing Group.

In addition to the surpluses from Newground, the annual surpluses from the Housing Associations in the group will be provided to the charity to support its activities and maximise its social impact. An initial fund of £3m has been established for this purpose in 2013/14. This means more deprived communities will be able to benefit from the charity’s work in the future. Peter added: "The change to our constitution does mean that Groundwork Pennine Lancashire is no longer eligible for membership of the Groundwork Federation and by mutual agreement therefore has ceased to be a member. We will however continue to operate with the same business model as before and your personal contact in Groundwork Pennine Lancashire will remain the same."