Lancashire agency partners with Canadian eCommerce platform Shopify

Following its recent partnership with Shopware, eCommerce agency and managed hosting provider Nublue has also announced a strategic partnership with Shopify.

By broadening its eCommerce offering, Nublue aims to ensure all its customers find the right solutions for their needs. With the eCommerce industry increasingly becoming more competitive for customers, by widening their eCommerce platform portfolio with Shopify, Nublue can fulfil a wider range of eCommerce briefs and customer requirements in the ever-changing landscape. Also, with its recent acquisition by CTI Digital, Nublue's ability to cater for all eCommerce requirements will only continue to grow.

As an eCommerce platform, Shopify is famed for its ease of use for building enterprise solutions on an accessible-for-all platform. It allows its users access to eCommerce and point-of-sale features all on the one platform, with the ability to extend its functionality with the use of over 2,500 apps from their store.

“With Shopify you can create a start-to-finish operational plan with great features such as Till Point Of Sale, Multi Location Inventory Management and ready to roll payment gateway integration; you can really hit the ground running.  Working with Nublue, we can then help you focus on what’s important, your brand and the shopping experience,” said Andrew Bailey, production manager.

Nublue has already began working on their first Shopify project which is due to launch in the coming months.