Are you prepared for ransomware trying to bring your business down?

Ransomware is a word that you may have heard being thrown around, but what exactly is it?

Ransomware is a type of malware that prevents access to data or systems, usually by encryption, accompanied by a demand for payment for the recovery method.  

Information can be corrupted, irretrievable or possibly released to the public domain. The cause can be unassuming and infect systems in minutes. The ransom payment varies and is inevitably set in cryptocurrency making it virtually untraceable.

Add to this the no guarantee that the attacker will release the means of recovery, it stands to be an incident with significant financial and operational costs and has seen businesses brought to a standstill.

How does a ransomware attack occur?

The distribution methods used can include but are not limited to email, email attachments and website links from what can look to be very genuine sources.  

Often requiring a user to execute and then once launched the ransomware will spread to anything it can access. The impact is not always immediately apparent and the cause difficult to trace.

The ransom payment is inevitably set in cryptocurrency making it virtually untraceable.

So how do you protect your business from ransomware?

The risk of ransomware is going to be ever present. Prevention being better than cure, there are some key principals your business can adopt to significantly reduce the risk ransomware poses.  

The correct security appliance at the perimeter(s) of your network mitigates risks getting in and out. A managed Anti-malware product on PCs & Servers alongside an Antivirus product will perform active inspection on any malicious content.  

Email threat protection products will reduce the chances of malicious emails getting through to user’s inboxes. Last but certain not least, Backups! Backups are key to protection against ransomware and much more. A 3-2-1 backup and recovery strategy is always highly recommended.

Let us help you!

As a long-standing IT specialist, we install and manage security applications and software solutions and backup services, ensuring periodic updates and proactive monitoring is in place to keep our client’s businesses safe and recoverable from cyber-attacks.

Ensure your business reduces the risk from ransomware and other attacks with the aid of outsourced IT security.