Jones Stroud gets a makeover

Since September 1st, 2000, Jones Stroud Insulations (JSI) has been part of the diversified Krempel-Group.

This is a high-tech group made up of a number of industrial companies in both Germany and England. The Krempel-Group, with a wide range of electrical insulations, composites, textile products as well as base materials, is a world leader in these technically very demanding speciality markets.

Lomas Ofice Interiors said: "We had the pleasure in changing the look of Jones Stroud offices to create a consistent corporate image throughout, even incorporating the bathroom and kitchen. "Prior to the change, Jones Stroud required a much-needed injection of colour to bring a more advanced and modern feel. With fresh vibrant colours added and new furniture; our team achieved this fully with pleasing results, giving it an outstanding new look and creating a positive environment for the workforce."