Joint venture to create sparks and waves

Businesswise Solutions has embarked on a joint venture with a fellow utility management company which is set to create sparks and waves across the industry.

The cost reduction and procurement specialist has joined forces with Wakefield-based water experts H2O Building Services, in a unique business venture that promises the most compelling energy and water offering in the UK.

Frazer Durris, managing director of Businesswise Solutions, an accredited partner to all of the UK’s leading energy suppliers, said: “We are really excited about this new opportunity which we believe will be the most complete energy and water offering on the market.”

“Through H2O’s analysis of a client’s water bill, there is potential to unearth some tens of thousands of pounds in incorrect billing, which can result in both retrospective and future cost savings.”

“In return, we can support H2O’s blue chip clients with expert advice in energy, providing a fully account managed service in which clients benefit from our advice on optimum times to procure their gas and electricity. They also gain access to a suite of management information on their consumption activity and monthly bill validation in order to ensure best value at all times.

“We have been working with H2O on an ad hoc basis for some time now and with relationships going well on both sides, we decided to make this a formal agreement and take things to the next level. It’s critical in today’s environment that we not only ensure best practice in buying, but also support our clients in helping them reduce their utility consumption. In turn this reduces carbon footprint and ultimately, cost.”

Graham Mann, H2O’s water audit expert, said: “We have some 30 years’ experience within the water industry and have identified huge savings for a number of big brand businesses such as Asda (£800K) and McDonalds (£250K).

“Commercial water bills consist not only of the charges for water consumed but also the costs of surface water drainage and, where appropriate,, waste water treatment.

“In fact, it is often the case that the water consumed by business is the least of their concerns, as consumption costs are frequently dwarfed by the non consumption costs, and these are the most fruitful areas for the identification of refunds and on-going savings”

“We recognised a great synergy with Businesswise whose expertise in the energy market mirrored that of ours in water and there is great value in our joining forces to offer a full energy and water package to our customers.”

“We look forward to taking this relationship forward and seeing some astounding results in coming months.”

In a rapidly changing environment for the supply of utilities this Joint Venture puts the two partners in a strong position no matter what changes the markets, regulators and legislators may throw at them.