IT consultancy takes off

A Preston-based entrepreneur has launched Red Plane, an IT consultancy that hopes to revolutionise how businesses operate.

Red Plane will use emerging technology to drive productivity and profitability into businesses.

35-year-old Mark Stokes has already secured Microsoft partner status for his new venture, having developed strong relationships with the software giant as a freelance consultant for national brands such as Unilever and Kellogg’s.

Mark Stokes said: “A lack of technological understanding is holding back firms from impressive growth because they are just unsure what productivity increases could be made by installing revolutionary software programmes. The latest hardware can also have a big impact on efficiency savings.

“For example, it is estimated that 15%-35% of a workforce’s time is spent on searching for information. If that level of workforce stagnation was solved across the country, our economy would be booming.

“What I’m hoping to achieve with Red Plane is to go into businesses, analyse how they work and how they communicate and implement technology that will revolutionise the way they operate, creating streamlined, reactive and dynamic organisations.” Mark Stokes will be looking to educate business leaders across the county on how technology can boost profitability in their organisations with a series of seminars. Contact him on to be notified when these are happening.