Is it time to find your BMW Electric?

With electric driving comes exciting possibilities. That’s why BMW approaches this new era in mobility just like any other; where engineering, innovation and aesthetics come together seamlessly to inspire joy in every journey. Discover how BMW’s state-of-the-art eDrive technology and sublime interior touches have created a modern masterpiece.

You can now book a one-2-one appointment to learn all about BMW Electric, and which model best suits your lifestyle, and once you've decided - why not take a test drive. With all i Models now available to test drive at your local Bowker Centre, you can now book your one-2-one appointment or test drive and find your BMW Electric.

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FAQs on Electric Vehciles.

How does an electric car work?

The way in which an electric car functions differs fundamentally from that of a vehicle with a combustion engine in that the motor of an electric car is not powered by fuel but exclusively by electricity. This electricity is stored in a battery, the capacity of which helps determine the range, in other words, the distance that can be covered with one battery charge.

Who is an electric car suitable for: families, commuters, city drivers?

Who an electric car is suitable for depends on the driver’s particular preferences – with an average range of several hundred miles, BMW electric cars can definitely exist both in urban and commuter traffic. A BMW i3 or BMW i3s with four seats is a suitable family car, whilst the BMW iX3, BMW iX and BMW i4 all seat up to five adults with an available luggage capacity in the BMW iX of 500L.

What advantages does an electric car have?

An electric car has many advantages; it is emission-free while driving and depending on your average annual mileage, it may work out cheaper than a conventional petrol or diesel car. Use our Electrified tool to see whether BMW's all-electric models could be cheaper for you, compared to a regular petrol or diesel model. Plus, for business use, BMW electric models have a BIK tax rate of 1% for 2021. The driving experience also offers unique benefits, including the instant torque, which adds extra thrills into every journey while delivering minimal engine noise.

What advantages does an electric car have over a plug-in hybrid?

A purely electric car has the lowest level of emissions while actually being used, potentially lower running costs when comparing fuel charges to home electricity tariffs, and (for business use) a BIK tax rate of 1% for 2021. However, the combination of combustion engine and electric drive means that a plug-in hybrid can in fact achieve a higher overall range than an electric car.