Investment strategies explained

At True Bearing Chartered Financial Planners, we have numerous investment strategies at our fingertips. These strategies have passed the tests of time. 

Being independent also helps, as we have the whole investment universe to go at. 

So what sort of strategies may work for you? These are just a few:

Growth focussed

If you have longer-term objectives, then a growth focussed strategy could provide you with greater returns over a longer period.

Income focussed

This type of strategy is centred on building an investment portfolio specifically structured to generate regular income.

Inflation plus

This strategy is all about ensuring that inflation doesn’t erode your hard-earned wealth.

Low cost

Using very low-cost, passive investments with a focus on minimising fees.

Impact and ESG

Doing good in the world, avoiding harm, and making healthy gains. A strategy for the ethically conscious, green investor.

Out of the thousands of fund managers available to UK investors, we delve, study, research, test, question and question again. All on our investors’ behalf. 

As Independent Financial Planners, we have access to a wider range of products than restricted advisers. We then build long standing relationships with sector investment leaders. 

Whether it’s your pension planning, life planning, post-retirement planning, build up assets planning, retire early planning, travel around the world planning, avoid paying undue tax planning, or estate planning, you might think of us. Several thousand people in the North West area already have.