Introducing Prevented Ocean Plastics into promotional gifts

Pioneering work in Lancashire to use Prevented Ocean Plastics as a base material for locally made promotional products.

Locally based printed promotional gift distributors are pleased to introduce Prevented Ocean Plastics. Working in conjunction PF Concept (UK) Ltd of Blackpool they are delighted to present the first promotional product made from this previously untapped resource. The H2O Eco sports water bottle is made in Britain, entirely from food quality, recycled plastics.

The Plastics Issue

“While our plastics affect the entire planet,” says Sir David Attenborough, “it’s our oceans that bear the full brunt of plastic pollution. This is a disaster.” The solution is to prevent plastic debris from entering the ocean in the first place. “The good news is that this can be accomplished with improved waste management systems and new improved technology,” Attenborough points out. Source:

Prevented Ocean Plastics

Prevented Ocean Plastic is recycled plastic collected from coastal areas at risk of ocean plastic pollution. This ocean bound plastic, according to academic definitions, would likely end up in the ocean if not collected for recycling. Prevented Ocean Plastic is made from recycled plastic PET bottles (rPET) and produced according to European and North American quality standards. Reducing litter, protecting wildlife and preventing pollution of the food chain. The body of each H2O Eco water bottle is 100% Prevented Ocean Plastic.

100% Recycled Materials

Not only is the body 100% rPET but the lid is made from in-house pre-consumer recycled plastic. The lids come in choice of four styles, flip lid, dome lid, screw cap and spout lid. The launch body colours are translucent blue or charcoal with a wider choice of matching or contrasting lid colours.

100% Recyclable

The bottles are robust and are designed for a long useful life. A much better solution for the environment than single use plastic. The product is also 100% recyclable in most domestic recycling schemes.

Made in Lancashire

Being made locally, the H2O Eco bottle has not been transported half-way around the World to come to market. All manufacture takes place in a nil-to-landfill factory and each bottle is individually packed in a bio-degradable bag to protect the branding in transit.

H2O Eco Sports Water Bottles

This is a single-wall sport bottle with ergonomic design. Each bottle is made from Prevented Ocean Plastic. Plastic collected within 50 km of an ocean coastline or major waterway that feeds into the ocean. This is then sorted and transformed into high quality, food-safe recycled plastic. The bottle volume capacity is 650 ml. Mix and match colours to create your perfect branded bottle. All in all this product has great eco-credentials to provide an ethical, environmentally friendly and effective promotional gift. 

The Future

This is only the start of a future that will see more and more Prevented Ocean Plastic promotional products. “We have no choice other than to recycle and reuse more plastic” said MD Stephen Ward. “There is already too much plastic on the planet to go into landfill and that will only ultimately pollute the food chain even more. We must find ways of preventing plastics going into water, or into the ground, and use recycled plastic as resource material for new products.” The company look forward to working with other recycled plastic product manufacturers to bring more innovative, eco-friendly, promotional gifts to the marketplace.

We must change our behaviours by making better plastic choices. Prevented Ocean Plastic are making great change in the recycling of used plastic. They are ensuring that no plastic goes to waste or ends up in the ocean. Together, we can change the way we use plastic for a better and more sustainable future.

Stephen Ward, and his wife Ann, founded Ad-Options Ltd in 1985. Based in Letyland, is the trading name for their range of branded promotional gifts. The company has been eco conscious for over 30 years through recycling, low energy light and heating, solar hot water and electricity, plus some electric vehicles.