Interiors photography

Over the 21 years in business I have built up a nice client base of office fit out, interior designers, hotels and restaurants all needing interiors photography to showcase what they do, who they are etc.

Interiors photography can be very rewarding, especially when the work produced is used extensively for marketing and promotion. What I find particularly interesting is that all and I mean all interior photography is different, this can be quite a challenge. It can all depend on time of day, lighting available (or introduced into the scene), the way the room has been dressed, what to include, what to leave out, if the environment is in use or still being fit out.

A client recently said to me 'isn't photography difficult?' My client had attempted to photograph some interiors and was really disappointed with the results, hence why I was called in. It is always nice when someone realises the value of years of experience and skill. Yes we all have phones that can take a half decent in focus well exposed image, but photography is so much more than that, it's mostly about seeing, it's about compositions, angles, lighting, exposure and problem solving.

So if you have need some nice interiors photography why not get in touch and check out some of my work here