Increased order books? Increased costs is not your only option.

By Audrey Odell, chief executive, Onefit Software.

Audrey Odell OnefitWe are:

A Chorley-based designer and developer of integrated business software solutions which are used across a wide range of industries.

The problem:

A recent survey of 800 manufacturers showed that 62% have increased order books,52% expect to increase their investment in technology and 54% expect to increase staff levels*. These present the potential for escalating costs, but is there another option?

The advice:

Reduce overheads and admin costs to a minimum, increase sales activity, attract and retain factory operatives with a cleaner computerised environment by expecting more from your IT system. SMEs do not have to suffer poorly integrated systems with bolt-ons from third party suppliers to achieve the increased productivity and cost savings previously only available in high end expensive ERP systems.

The solution:

OneFit provides an affordable end to end ERP solution for SME manufacturers. Features include real-time management dashboards displaying production levels of both machines and operators, touch screen technology to streamline shop floor data capture, picking and packing, Route Transport Management, POD with GPS and traceability with bar coding which all help to increase outputs, reduce waste and improve control.

Modules available include:

CRM, SOP, POP (with MRP), BOM, WOP , Route Transport Management and POD with GPS. The software also provides digital one-time data capture, multi-level price management and the operational benefits offered by real-time integrated dashboards. OneFit has its own financials or alternatively can integrate with Sage 50 or 200. In addition to all these features, and in response to the demands of the market, OneFit offers an integrated ecommerce solution including seamless integration with Magento to provide a fully automated solution from web order right through to delivery and invoicing. If you want to increase sales, reduce costs and achieve efficient productivity call us now on 0844 875 1280.