Iconic fashion brand to return under new ownership

Horrockses, one of the most iconic names in the history of British fashion, is set to return following the brand's sale.

horrocksesHorrockses dresses were favoured by the Queen and Princess Margaret as well as stars such as Joan Collins and Dinah Sheridan. Original Horrockses garments remain uniquely coveted and collectable.

The company can trace its Lancashire roots back to Preston in 1791, and currently operates out of Clitheroe.

Following an international bidding war, the rights to Horrockses' stylish dresses have been secured by Manchester-based Bluewell Ventures Ltd.

The deal was worth an "undisclosed, six-figure sum".

Bluewell will now embark on a major roll-out of the brand, which was at the fore of fashion from the 40s to the 60s, with a domestic and international licensing strategy that will see Horrockses trading across a number of trade mark classes and territories.

A spokesman said: "Bluewell is delighted to have gained control of such a remarkable brand. The potential for Horrockses is truly international, with excellent prospects as a lifestyle brand across fashion and home. We are looking forward to regaining the consumer’s attention for this wonderful expression of British fashion style and flair."

Metis Partners had been asked by Blair Nimmo and Gary Fraser of KPMG, joint administrators of previous owners Dawson International Holdings (UK) Ltd, to conduct an intensive campaign to find an appropriate buyer for the intellectual property assets relating to the Horrockses name. The brand was protected by an impressive trade mark portfolio offering coverage globally including the US, UK and all EU member countries as well as China, Japan, India, South Africa and Zimbabwe to name but a few.