Hurricone hits shopping centres

Recently included in a full equipment supply and maintenance contract by Lixall Services (a division of Cleanall Services Ltd, Leyland) for Birchwood Shopping Centre, near Warrington, the Hurricone cordless floor dryer has proven a real hit with Kathy Roberts, cleaning manager.

Roberts commented that improvements in productivity and effectiveness have already been achieved by its introduction and that, “The Hurricone is great! It’s worth having just for the saving on man hours alone. "We used to have a permanent member of staff by each entrance when it rains – but the Hurricone copes with that no problem. It is really useful in the area between sinks and dryers in the toilets too.” Ideal for retail and leisure use, the Hurricone cordless floor dryer assists with the drying of wet floors without any manpower requirement. Running up to eight hours on a rechargeable battery, Hurricone dries to 360 degrees and up to 15 feet in diameter (177 sq ft). The dryer comes with a whole host of innovatory accessories including a scent cartridge, flashing LED light, warning sign and motion activated anti-theft alarm. Alistair Clayton, commercial director at Lixall, said: “Hurricone is ideal for use in facilities such as shopping centres, hospitals, schools –in fact any area with a throughput of footfall. With the recent culture obsessed with injury claims, Hurricone can help to avoid slip and fall accidents, demonstrate due diligence and provide a really good visible warning to the public. The Hurricone, when used in conjunction with an existing floor care regime provides an extra layer of demonstrable due diligence and best practice – thereby adding an additional layer of defensibility against those spurious personal accident claims.’’