How often should Ladders be inspected?

With a third of all reported falls-from-height incidents due to ladders and stepladders, it’s not too surprising that many accidents are due to defects in the ladders themselves.

Defects often go unnoticed and unremedied because people don’t know what they are looking for or feel it isn’t serious enough to warrant replacement of the ladder.

Because falls from ladders often result in serious injuries, any defects that compromises the stability or integrity of a ladder should result in the ladder being taken out of use.

In most cases, ladders should be replaced rather than repaired. They must be inspected regularly to ensure that they are in safe condition.

So when should you inspect a ladder and by whom? - By the user each time before they are used. - By someone carrying out a formal inspection every 3 to 6 months (records should be kept of these formal inspections).

Browns Ladders & Ceilings said: "We realise that health and safety can be difficult to keep on top of. Not to worry – we offer on-site ladder inspections, carried out in 3, 4 or 6 month intervals. Our inspections cover access equipment within the factory site – from general ladders and steps to machine stairways, tower scaffold and work platforms.

"We’ll come on-site and ensure all your access equipment is inspected, tagged, coded, dated and registered and replace or repair your ladders with the least disruptions possible."