Hot 100 Q&A: Event review

Brockholes nature reserve played host to the latest get-together in the Lancashire Business View events calendar, with 70 delegates attending the Hot 100 Q&A.

hot100qalogoA panel discussion saw our group of business leaders discuss some hot topics and take questions from the floor.

Four Hot 100 companies were represented on the panel. Stephen Thorpe, chief executive of CME Medical, Fiona Lugiano, deputy chief executive of Ascentis, Carmel Marie Satterthwaite, sales and marketing director of Panaz and Richard Greathead, business development director of Nutrition Group PLC offered guidance to all the delegates and reflected on their experiences.

The trail-blazers of the county's economy shed light on how they have become the most profitable SMEs in Lancashire.

Richard Slater, publishing editor of Lancashire Business View, said: "It was teriffic to see such a diverse group of business leaders come to the event and take the opportunity to grill the biggest business brains in the county on how they have transferred their burning passion into commercial success."

The Hot 100 is sponsored by Haworths Chartered Accountants and Accrington and Rossendale College. Rosebud Business Solutions sponsored the event.

For a full event review, including photography and highlighted advice from our panel, see our September/October edition. You can subscribe here.

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