Hiring in HR to help recruit

At Sarah Booth HR Consultancy, we are not a recruitment consultancy. However, the demand from our retained client base for recruitment projects has been incredibly high this year.

Tracey MurphyBy Tracey Murphy, managing director at Sarah Boot HR.

Business growth is most certainly fuelling this demand, which is something I get very excited about. Yet many of our clients struggle with the whole recruitment process.

First of all, it’s very time consuming. Clients also worry about saying the wrong thing and getting into hot water with employment law. Then there’s the fear of making a regretful decision and dealing with the consequences months down the line. In response to this we have developed a service where we are the HR project manager, and we run the entire process for them.

We work with clients to agree how we are going to attract the right candidate and how we will compensate them. We make sure we are clear on the role requirements and ideal skills, behaviours and experience.

We ensure we are clear on the benefits of direct attraction, or whether we should partner with a recruitment consultancy or headhunter to source the candidates.

Then we agree the advert, design the selection process and interview questions, decide who will be involved and if we will use psychometric or personality profiling to support our decisions.

Once the applications start to arrive we facilitate the sifting of applications, conduct telephone interviews or first interviews, and arrive at a shortlist of candidates.

We also facilitate the final decision-making process and arrange the verbal offers, written offers and contracts of employment. It’s an end-to-end process, and our project management saves clients a great deal of time.