Heskins unveils orange conformable anti slip tape

Conformable anti slip tape is a very popular range at Heskins, commonly used for applying an anti slip surface to metal diamond tread on walkways, stairways and fire exits.

The added orange surface will provide a vibrant visual in varying lighting conditions also.

Conformables speciality is its backing. The soft aluminium foil the grit is applied to carries no inherent memory, therefore will literally conform and apply to irregular surfaces, such as metal diamond plate, creating an effective anti slip surface that will not be easily damaged.

Usually, the aid of a rubber mallet to persuade the material to conform to the surface is recommended, as it ensures that all air pockets are removed and the best possible bond with the surface is achieved. Orange conformable anti slip tape is available in roll widths up to 980mm and orders can be placed right now. For more information, contact our friendly sales team.