Heskins Create Corrosion Protection Tape

Heskins has added a new product with a completely new purpose to its product range: corrosion protection tape.

Corrosion protection tape has been designed to combat galvanic corrosion, a reaction which can reduce the service life of many vehicles and structures.

Galvanic corrosion occurs when two different metals, such as aluminium and steel are put together in an electrolyte, cause a reaction that causes one to corrode (anode) and the other to be inhibited (cathode).

For something being used in varying environments, particularly one exposed to moisture, preventing this reaction will mean massive cost savings.

Corrosion protection tape, applied between two metals, either at joins or inbetween two panels, is a cost effective solution to the problem, and the application is simple, with the permanent self-adhesive on one side, once it is applied to one surface, the other one can be applied on top without any additional holdings. Heskins manufacture H3453 corrosion protection tape in wide width rolls which can be cut in sheets or die cuts depending on your application requirements. Custom orders can be made dependent on order quantity.