Health Innovation Campus time capsule provides benchmark for success

A time capsule dedication has taken place at Lancaster University’s Health Innovation Campus, ahead of its installation in the foundations of the new £41m building.

The University’s vice-chancellor, Prof Mark E. Smith, carried out the dedication this week at the construction site to the north of the institution’s main Bailrigg Campus.

In the coming weeks, the time capsule will be installed beneath a commemorative flagstone on the covered walkway adjacent to the campus’ main entrance – with instructions for it to be opened in 50 years’ time. 

Prof Smith said: “I am delighted to have been asked to dedicate this time capsule at the new Health Innovation Campus. 

“The Health Innovation Campus is an exciting and ambitious project for the University and will provide a facility which will allow academics to work with healthcare professionals, businesses, local authorities and policy-makers on a systems approach to improving health, in line with the aims of the UK’s Industrial Strategy and the NHS long-term plan.

“The contents of the time capsule aim to provide a snapshot of the current position of healthcare in the UK – as well as the University’s research and teaching in the health space.

“Hopefully, it will provide an interesting yardstick against which to measure the campus’s progress when the time capsule is opened in 50 years’ time.”

The contents of the time capsule include a modern-day stethoscope and blood pressure cuff, a factsheet with statistics around some of the region’s current health challenges – and a data drive featuring videos, photographs, articles and press cuttings from throughout the construction of the campus.

Dr Sherry Kothari, director of the Health Innovation Campus, said: “It is our ambition that the creation of the Health Innovation Campus will have a major impact on health and wellbeing in our region and we wanted to commemorate what we hope will be a historic milestone for our communities. 

“The vice-chancellor has been a huge supporter of the Health Innovation Campus since its inception and is ultimately responsible for its creation so we felt it fitting that he be the one to perform this dedication. 

“Installing a time capsule beneath our new building will allow the next generation to look back at the current position of health products and services and to measure our success against what we hoped to achieve.” 

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