Harrison Drury goes international with Alliott Group

Lancashire law firm Harrison Drury has boosted its international presence after joining a worldwide alliance of professional companies.

The firm has been accepted to the prestigious Alliott Group which has more than 170 member firms, including law, accountancy and consulting businesses, in over 70 countries.

It means Harrison Drury’s clients can benefit from specialist advice from partner firms in foreign jurisdictions, while the firm also has the opportunity to advise overseas businesses that need legal help in the UK.

John Chesworth, managing partner of Harrison Drury, said: “Our strong emphasis on the SME sector, and our growth regionally in the UK, has led to a significant increase in the number of our clients needing specialist advice in overseas markets.

“Being a member of The Alliott Group has increased our international reach, enabling our clients to benefit from the expertise of other business professionals, but also allowing us to develop new business opportunities, both domestically and overseas.

“For example, we were recently contacted by a client who is entering into a joint venture in the United States and, as a preliminary matter, needed advice on his visa application. We were able to put him straight in touch with a New York lawyer form the Alliott Group who was able to assist.”

The Alliott Group network extends throughout Europe, Africa, the Middle East, North America, Latin America and Asia Pacific with 214 offices.

The network, founded in 1979, brings together quality local firms that want to maintain their independence but recognise the benefit of being able to link up with like-minded professionals in most major markets of the world.

Each member firm undergoes a thorough screening process on application, including a review of the firm's latest peer review or an on-site visit. Each member firm is assessed throughout its membership to ensure it continues to meet all Alliott Group criteria. Harrison Drury has offices in Preston, Garstang and Kendal.