Happy years in business: A Reflection

Karen Lambert of Happy Creative gets contemplative on her company's birthday.

Eight years ago, Happy opened its doors to the world of marketing and creativity. It was a very proud day for me. This Burnley girl and proud Lancastrian had joined the entrepreneurial world.

Unusually it felt natural to take such a huge leap. I think this is rooted in losing my mum to cancer when I was just 23. It gave me an appreciation of how precious life is and a determination to make the most of it.

I’d been a career marketer all my working life, and whilst I never held any ambition to start my own business, as I approached my 40th birthday everything fell into place and the time felt right. I’d been in the industry for almost 20 years at that point and witnessed some strange business decisions made by others. I knew that I could create something special. Something with my stamp on it, something that reflected me and my values. And that excited