Happy Creative makes chapati chappy happy

Happy has helped bring Dragons Den star Chapati Man’s unique take on lunch to a Morrisons store near you.

Chris and Andrea who appeared on Dragons Den in 2010 love (amongst other things) music festivals and curry. When they decided to bring the two together Chapati Man was born. Their curry wraps won them the No.1 food caterer award at Glastonbury in 2007 and they were named British Sandwich Designer of the Year 2011.

So when the time came to turn a huge festival following into a distinct, nationwide brand, the Chapati Man chose the flavourful creativity of Happy.

The goal was to introduce the brand to buyers within the major multiple retailers with a view to securing an exclusive deal. Taking our lead from Chapati Man’s festival heritage, we created a direct mail campaign in the form of a retro record sleeve containing 4 double-sided discs about the brand. The piece was everything the chapatis are: bursting with colour, full of exciting goodies, and just the right balance of filling and flavour.

A new reason to shop at Morrisons

The response was fabulous. Chris secured meetings with many of his key targets, following which he agreed a deal with Morrisons. His chapatis are on their shelves right now.

“Buyers thought [the direct mail piece] was fresh, fun, trendy and retro,” says Chris. “It made a change from the endless PowerPoint presentations/mails they get sent and gave them something interesting to read (not too long and detailed) and tangible to touch. Happy certainly put the Chapati Man brand image and story across.”

Could we do the same for you? Take your product to the next level with a creative agency that gives your marketing added flavour. Oh, if you’re hungry and there’s a Morrisons nearby, give Chapati Man a try and change your lunchtime forever.