Growing your team in 2019

If you’re a great and growing Lancashire business, you may sometimes wonder about the best things to do to bolster your team.

Laura Leyland Fresh Perspective

By Laura Leyland, founder and managing director, Fresh Perspective

You may ask yourself: Do I have the skills in house to deliver to my clients? Or do I need to recruit? When is the best time to hire additional team members? If I need to hire a lot of people over the year, how do I make it cost-effective in terms of recruitment? Here are our four top tips to help with your quest of expansion in 2019:

  1. Be proactive and plan. Ensure you aren’t reactively recruiting and, therefore, hiring in a hurry and making the wrong decisions
  2. Select the right long-term partner who fits in with your company culture. Believe it or not, recruitment is a skill, so ensure you select an expert that understands people – not one who simply talks the talk
  3. Communicate and collaborate. Select only one trustworthy partner, build a relationship and allow them to consult with you on your recruitment strategy, as well as listening to their advice
  4. Be open-minded. Ask the right questions of candidates, read between the lines on CVs, be flexible and give feedback to all to protect your reputation
Fresh Perspective has successfully helped multiple companies, as their retained partner of choice, with growth plans between six to 24 months and beyond – achieving savings such as £15,000, £37,000 and £63,000 compared with traditional recruitment agencies.