Further consultation on shale gas will see decisions made in January

Lancashire County Council has agreed with Cuadrilla that decisions on two planning applications for shale gas development will now both be made by 31 January 2015 to allow time for consultation on further details provided as part of the planning process.

The council has received applications from the energy firm to drill, frack, and test gas flows, with associated separate applications for environmental monitoring, at two sites in Lancashire - Preston New Road at Little Plumpton, and Roseacre Wood at Roseacre.

Planners had already agreed with Cuadrilla that the Roseacre Wood application would be decided by 31 January and have now also agreed that the application for Preston New Road will be! decided by the same date. It had previously been agreed that the Preston New Road application would be decided by 31 December 2014.

The planners have been working since the applications were received in June to consult with the public and other statutory agencies, and assess the applications, to ensure all the information needed to determine them is put before the Development Control Committee.

As part of this process further information on both sites has been provided by Cuadrilla. Lancashire County Council will hold a further consultation to allow for representations on the further information to be made.

The new determination date for the Preston New Road site will allow time for any representations on the further information for both sites to be considered and addressed in the reports to be presented to the Development Control Committee when the applications are determined. The consultation will take place from Thursday 27 November to! Friday 19 December. The further information will be published on the council's website www.lancashire.gov.uk and made available at libraries in Lytham, St Annes, Ansdell and Kirkham, and at the offices of Fylde Borough Council in Lytham St Annes along with the applications and accompanying Environmental Statements.