Fresh new look for specialist PR and marketing business

Preston-based 52M Consulting has undergone a brand refresh as it looks to broaden its appeal.

The company, which recently relocated to new premises, has historically worked with developers seeking to build new energy projects, homes and other infrastructure, but now wants to tap into new markets.

It specialises in perception-led communications, PR and marketing to help get businesses seen the way they want to be seen. 

Managing director, Lee Petts, explains: "Stakeholders don't always see our businesses the way we want them to. They tend to form a narrow view, and then make value judgements based on what they see.

"This 'perception gap' can be unhelpful at times, but there's a lot businesses can do to positively and authentically influence how they are viewed by the audiences that matter to them most, and that's where we come in.

"Recognising that perception is everything, and can really make the difference between success and failure, we've developed a set of unique tools, strategies and approaches that we call Black Dot Thinking - and that provide a framework for meaningful and measurable change."

The new look has been rolled-out across 52M's social media assets and will soon launch a rebranded website.

Petts says that as well as providing consultancy services to its agency clients, it intends to make some of the core tools available for free to start-up and early stage businesses in Lancashire through a series of workshops. 

"Making sure your stakeholders have the right impression of your company can help you win more business, attract talent, acquire a 'social licence to operate', obtain relevant permissions and even build 'reputational capital' to carry into a crisis. The earlier you start, the easier it is.

"To successfully influence stakeholder perception at any stage in your business, your efforts have to be genuine, authentic and applied consistently right across everything you do. Done right, great communications - internal and external - PR and marketing can get your business seen the way you define it."