Expert view: Their car, your responsibility, your risk

Marc KeyFleetMarc McLoughlin from KeyFleet advises in our May/June 2015 issue...

So you don’t have a fleet as such but you allow staff to use their own vehicle on company business. After all it’s cheaper, quicker and easier right? Probably not.

You are actually the proud owner of what’s known as a Grey Fleet. Over the years, many businesses decided to sway towards opt-out packages and cash for cars schemes on the basis that this would drive savings and be less labour intensive than dealing with drivers, maintenance and contracts.

But is that really true? Here’s the kicker – even though it’s not your vehicle being used, you still have the same legal obligations and responsibilities you have with a company vehicle. And just what are these drivers driving? Is it representative of your business? Is it safe, legal, suitable, fit for purpose? The best way to identify if you have a Grey Fleet risk is to ask yourself: “Would this journey have taken place if not at the behest of the business?”

If the answer is no, then it’s a Grey Fleet journey and presents a risk and an obligation to your company. Even a run to the post office or to the bank comes into scope and it’s essential that you protect yourself and the business by implementing a policy to mitigate. To purchase this issue or subscribe, please click here.